Size two, size four, petite, skinny; that is what Vogue Italia, Cozmo and other top fashion magazines tells the world is beautiful. Healthy. Sexy. The public, consumer, sees the beauty of the world and they range in size from a healthy skinny to plus size and beyond. Most of these women of various colors and shades are voluptuous, confident, shapely and bold.

We see young women who are confident in their body, who aspire to be like and happy to see the poetic singers Marsha Ambrosius, Adele & Jill Scott showing there curves accented by their beauty. Actresses like Amber Riley and Sara Ramirez rocking sexy attire on the big screen or relax fit in a magazine. Aspiring actresses can see Queen Latifah rocking the mic as well as rocking cover girl cosmetics or Octavia Spencer and Monique winning the Oscar and representing for the Fabulous and Thick. Gorgeous models like Justine LeGault, being sexy and powerful on the cover of Elle Quebec or the voluptuous Michelle Hilton curvaceously stretched across the pages of any magazine that is showing beauty, curve appeal and latest trends. Commercials, like Mobile Strike, showing curvaceous, attractive, stunning and beautiful models like Olivia Jensen, Tabria Majors and Dana Peterson. They want to see rising stars in the business word like Gabrielle Johnson in the pages of magazines, showing their brain and beauty while rocking the latest fashions. The college graduate who aspires to be on top of the world needs to see moguls like Shonda Rhimes and Oprah Winfrey looking awesome and chic on the Red Carpet, doing interviews and/or on the cover of their own magazines.

It’s a Bold new world and fashion magazines and the media covering the fashion industry, you have been put on alert to show the beauty of your audience and the world. That is our Bold favor to you.

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