Interview with founder of “Haircredible” Lavada Dale

Author Tinzley Bradford “The Love Mama”

Entrepreneurship is something that many of us only dream of. It takes a killer product, dedication, focus, great partnerships, consistency and most importantly, belief in yourself and your brand. I was very impressed when I had the opportunity to interview Lavada Dale. She is the founder of a popular new hair care product called “Haircredible.” She speaks with Bold Favor Magazine about her journey to entrepreneurship, so sit back and enjoy her story, we sure did.

BFM: Hello Lavada, thanks for joining us. We spoke in great detail about your new product, “Haircredible.” I must say I was very impressed with your story. Can you tell us how “Haircredible Hair Care” was created and why?
Lavada: “Haircredible” was created due to me going through a hard time in my life where I did not understand what was going on with all the major bald spots I was suffering from. The doctors told me it was Alopecia and that I would need 3 to 6 treatments for growth. Me being a single mother at the time with very little money, I paid under the table to get 1 treatment of injections, which only grew just a small fuzz in those spots. The doctors told me that they needed more money in order for my hair to grow and that NO hair care line will help me. So that’s when I took it upon myself to create one!

BFM: I’m sure it has to be a lot of work, long days and sleepless nights, not to mention you’re a mom and expecting more little ones. How do you balance all of this and still keep your sanity?
Lavada: Yes! I go crazy! (Laughing) But overall, I have major love and support from my family. My fiancé is right on my side every step of the way with the kids. Having that support system is everything and I wouldn’t know where I would be in my business career without them.

BFM: Are your products available online only or can they be purchased in stores? If so, where can people find “Haircredible?”
Lavada: Currently, they are available online as well a salon here in Jersey City, NJ. However, we are currently working with retailers, so be sure to subscribe to our website to get updates on if we placed “Haircredible Hair Care” in your location.

BFM: Outside of your immediate family, do you receive a lot of support from family and friends? I know when you become popular and your brand is doing well, sometimes people can become a little distant and many times a little envious. Has this happened to you? If so how do you deal with it?
Lavada: Yes, I actually lost all my friends and lost a lot of family members when it comes to my peers. I used to be so hurt but I now look at it like, I outgrew their friendships and those relationships with those family members. I can only have people in my life that will be supportive and have no ill will towards me and my success. Anybody that’s against me does not belong around me; however, I can still love you from a distance. Positive vibes only!

BFM: What inspired the name “Haircredible?” It’s very catchy.
Lavada: Well I look at women as Superheroes and one day I was watching the movie “The Incredibles” with my kids and said….THATS IT!!! HAIRCREDIBLE!!! (Laughs)

BFM: Has being a business owner been a long life dream for you? Or was it something you fell into once you realized many people including you needed this product? What can you tell others who want to follow their dreams but seem to be struggling?
Lavada: No, I always wanted to own my own business. I just didn’t know what was it that I wanted to own. So I started different businesses that never went anywhere because it wasn’t my purpose. It took me having to go through something for me to be like… Oh my God, this is it! It took for someone to tell me nothing will work for me and that I needed them in order for me to grow my hair back. Like they always say, if something you need doesn’t exist…CREATE IT! 

BFM: I write about relationships, dating and being settle-free, meaning not just settling for any old relationship. My goal is to empower women to make wiser dating choices and not end up in toxic abusive relationships. With that said, how’s your love life? (Laughing) Don’t be shy, I know this may be one of those unexpected questions but I think it’s important to have positive support from not only your friends but from that special someone in your life as well.

Would you say your significant other is supportive of you and your business? What are your views on settle-free relationships?
Lavada: My love life is great… FINALLY! But it took me going through a lot to appreciate and know what I have now. I’ve been through the physically abusive and mentally abusive relationships, the cheating, ugh…. I’ve been through it all. Now, I am planning my wedding. He is such a big support in my life for not only my business but for my kids, even the two that is not his. He plays a major role in their lives and he understands the struggle and grind behind my brand. He knows the hard work and struggle because he is a professional boxer who went through his trials and tribulations as well. So we actually are supportive of one another and have goals to be very successful in not only business but putting God first and being successful with our family.

BFM: What has been some of your biggest challenges and what has been one of your biggest accomplishments while branding “Haircredible?” Has it been a rough journey?
Lavada: Whoooooooo!!! VERY ROUGH! When I started “Haircredible,” I only had money to take care of my kids and our cost of living. So I pretty much tried to learn people positions so that I wouldn’t have to pay them because I didn’t have it. I was founder, PR, brand manager, promoter, and model… just tiring myself out. I also got robbed a couple of times from different companies because the one job I forget to be is my lawyer, (laughing), So I lost money, about 3 or 4 times, I’m talking thousands. I have been through it all but you know what? I appreciate it all because when it’s my time to hold my seminars to empower women, I can tell them what NOT to do and the better way of doing it. My greatest accomplishment is finally having a great team and we are really starting to be all over now. I’m so appreciative. Also, I love that I inspire and empower people to pursue their dreams. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.

BFM: So what does “Haircredible” consist of? Is it a complete line of multiple hair products or just the one product geared towards hair regrowth? For example, is there shampoo, conditioner, hair lotion, etc? Will Haircredible be expanding its brand someday, if not already?
Lavada: I have right now in the line, 10 products. It all consists of shampoos, conditioners, mousse, hairspray, leave in conditioner, and all. “Haircredible” helps aid in moisturizing, restore, volumizing, as well as regrowth and really aiming towards bringing out the greatness in [the customers] hair.

BFM: Is your product for all hair types? You know, fine hair, kinky hair, natural hair, hair with chemicals, etc?
Lavada: No harmful chemicals are in “Haircredible Hair Care” and we provide a very distinct list on the website for you to check out. We started out catering to fine hair, but lately, women that don’t have fine hair, love it. So yes we cater to fine hair, but if you’re a person that loves lightweight formulas and not all that heaviness in your hair where the product is weighing your hair down, then “Haircredible Hair Care” is for you.

BFM: So what’s next for you and “Haircredible?” Any chance you’ll be partnering with others in the business and merging someday? What is in the future of “Haircredible?”
Lavada: I am working on “Haircredible” to be at least one of the top 10 beauty brands in the country. I want my products to win awards, to empower women, give their limp fragile hair life, and even have top commercials on the TV networks. I am not stopping at “Haircredible,” next I am working on skin products and trying to tackle all things beauty. Growing a whole “Beauty Empire!”

BFM: What would you like your legacy to be? You’ve created this amazing new product for those who have been met with hair loss and hair regrowth issues, what are you hoping to see happen with this product?
Lavada: The real legacy I want to leave behind is empowering beauty in a different way. A better way might I add. People look at beauty with limitations, you can’t be this weight, you can’t have this curve, or your hair has to be this way, just limits on everything. But, beauty has no limits! I want “Haircredible” to deliver the message of letting people know that, as well as working on beauty inside so they can flaunt it on the outside.

BFM: It’s been a pleasure speaking to you and thanks for taking the time to let us in your world? Where can people find you to connect, stay in touch and learn about your product?
Lavada: You can find me on any social media site from IG, youtube, facebook, and soon snapchat @LavadaLegacy ! You can also follow all things @haircredible!

Thanks so much for the interview and I can’t wait to show off my feature! Keep inspiring and empowering!!

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