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That’s the word that comes to mind when one meets Loren Lott. The energy that emanates from the beautiful singer, actress, and spiritual powerhouse is bombastic. And it’s no wonder why she rose to the Top 16 in the “American Idol” 2015 season… and we are honored to feature Loren as the cover of our December 2016 issue.

Loren is UBER busy – she’s juggling trips back-and- forth from Atlanta to New York to keep the momentum from her “Idol” fame pumping toward her ultimate dreams of more big-time Broadway debuts, albums featuring her golden voice, and supporting young girls to value their worth… and now planning a wedding with her new fiancé Producer and Director Terayle Hill. It’s a breathtaking – and wholly pleasant – surprise that with all these wonderful things going and her wildest dreams coming to fruition, Loren is still incredibly humble – and funny!

Any one of Loren’s (literally) hundreds of thousands of fans will tell you that she has a sense of humor for the ages. (Check out her Facebook page for the “Watching Sports with Bae” video – OMG!) Her mother taught her at an early age that “you’ve gotta be happy because the world is super cruel.” It has been this determined face to find joy in life that has enabled Loren to stay so positive through many of life’s challenges.

They Just Clicked

Loren grew up singing and dancing – always imagining herself on Broadway featured in “The Lion King”.While at CAU, she continued perfecting her craft, participating in various productions and representing the University in shows. It was at one of these where she met Hill. “He was working PR [public
relations] and helped me pick a song. He was nice and so cute.” The two got along well during the night, but the moment they knew they’d be life-long friends was when she made a joke about his looks.“He looks like Chris Brown and I overheard someone tell him that. So I said, ‘Do you know who you look like? DMX!’ He looked at me and laughed, and replied ‘You and I are going to get along just fine!’” And indeed they did. The two fearlessly pursued their dreams – she of acting and singing, he of acting and producing. They were together constantly, trying out for roles, many times as a couple. “We were kissing all the time because we were rehearsing scenes. But then one day we kissed, but there was no script.” And he and she became WE.

A Challenge Diverted

But the culmination of this relationship took some time. Loren is a virgin and is very serious about staying that way until she is married. “I got saved at 15,” and it was that experience that led her to know her value. “Not everyone deserves to park their car in my garage. I saw friends losing their virginity and regretting it almost immediately. I refused to settle. I knew I’d be famous one day and was not going to be ‘body count’ for some guy later.”   This steadfast determination to save herself for marriage made it challenging to maintain relationships, but as one can see with her engagement to Hill, not impossible. “I even got him on board!”

Loren loves the fact that she doesn’t have to worry about pregnancy scares, STD’s, or the hormonal attachments that come with sex. And she thoroughly enjoys mentoring young girls on the benefits of abstinence. “I get a lot of messages from girls about how to deal with boys who don’t want to wait. It makes me sad to see them looking outside of themselves to get the love and affection they seek. Taking off your clothes doesn’t get you that. Love comes from within.”

Amazingly, Loren personally responds to these messages – Instagram is a bit easier to manage because she doesn’t receive as many as she does on Facebook. Yet she strives to be there for these young people. “I want to be a voice for them, to be there as a resource for them.

Taking a BOLD Leap of Faith

Loren likes dropping bombs – hence the description of her being “bombastic”. When she revealed that she hesitated about going on “American Idol”, I was stunned – who wouldn’t jump at the chance to push her career into overdrive using the “Idol” platform? Well, there were are other things to consider in making such a commitment.

“I really feared reality shows,” responded Loren. “A good friend had a really bad experience on [another show]. They cast her in a negative light and manipulated the film to make her appear evil, changing things around to change the context and meaning of conversations. It really affected her and I didn’t want that to happen to me.” So how did Loren conquer that fear? “I had to decide to be brave. I said ‘yes’ to being brave and I allowed America to judge me. That made me VERY brave!”

When pressed on what she’s doing with this newfound bravery, Loren has some surprising insight. “I’m a lot stronger, I take more risks, I have no problem competing with celebrities – I was an understudy for Diana Ross and Gladys Knight – and I had no fear.” Loren’s confidence came right on time because she
debuted on Broadway one evening when the lead was not available, and the director said that was “one of the best debuts he’d ever seen”.   Now that’s BOLD!

From Cali to the ATL

Loren was born and raised in San Diego, CA, by her mother and with her twin brother. They were a tight-knit crew. “I was the best friend my mother never wanted,” is how Loren described their relationship. It was a shock when her mother encouraged her to move away for college. “She told me that I had to get away to truly learn myself, to become independent. She said I wouldn’t grow up under her wing.” Loren visited colleges and universities all over the country, but there was one that stood out from all the rest – Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA. “I knew I wanted to go to an HBCU [Historically Black College & University], a place I’d be in the majority. And I also knew I wanted to be an actress. My visit to Clark happened to coincide with a probate [show]. I’d never seen one before” and instantly fell in love. The show was amazing – the choreography, drama, and fun of the Greek coming out show combined with the camaraderie and feeling of inclusion on campus made CAU Loren’s new home. And as the way the universe does, Loren’s “Atlanta Family” came not too long after through her new friendship with Hill.

Dealing with Fame

But even with this bold bravery, Loren still finds fame strange. Her exact words were “weird and awkward”. “I’m not at the place where people know who I am immediately, but they stare and I’m not exactly sure why.” Do they recognize her, are they watching her be a “class clown”? “I still like being silly and acting the fool, so it’s a lot to get used to.” But not in a bad way. “I am so blessed that people want a picture [with me]. A woman once stopped and screamed in the middle of Times Square when she recognized me. Everyone stopped and stared. She came over and we took a picture. She was so happy. So was I.”

What’s Next

So what’s next for this soulful young woman on the rise? She’s auditioning for movies, Broadway shows, and working on making her social media sponsorships work. And of course, building her collection of music to bring to the masses.

Always one to be positive, Loren’s last words were “Love yourself. God wants us to love ourselves as we love our neighbor. Make the world better.”

Follow Loren on all social media platforms @LorenSharice.

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