What Made The Good List Unity In Our Community

By David and Myesha Good

It’s that time to see who or what made this quarter’s Good List. No matter the economy or who is in the White House, no matter who will win the Superbowl this winter in Houston and no matter what tomorrow brings, there will always be people in need. As a global community, we must all do our part to give a “hand-up” to people in need. Because of their efforts in the community by giving a “hand-up and not a hand-out,” and for connecting resources, “Unity in Our Community ATL,” founded by LaQuana “LaPink” Alexander made this issues Good List.

LaQuana Alexander, a Douglasville, Georgia resident, is no stranger to the Atlanta Community. She began her journey in humanitarian work through her very own personal experiences. LaQuana once experienced being homeless, and while homeless she was helping to feed the homeless. She witnessed for herself the needs, emotions, and support that were longed for by her and others. Through her personal experience, LaQuana instantly knew that one day she would implement a support system for individuals in need, homeless, or just without the bare necessities in life.

In July 2016, LaQuana started “Unity in Our Community ATL” which is a support system comprised of over 37 organizations with one common goal. That goal is to encourage and provide those in need an education, shelter, meals, clothing, personal grooming, and toiletries. “Unity in Our Community ATL” was inspired by the hard work of the organizations involved witnessed by LaQuana in Atlanta. LaQuana states that “We are a hand-up organization, designed to lift anyone up and empower them in their life journey. The organization’s vision is to ignite with the purpose to teach, train, equip, and empower individuals to function using the Keys of the Kingdom of God.”

“Unity in Our Community ATL” has begun this process by starting monthly “Feeding the Homeless” projects at Renaissance Park in Atlanta. The project consist of several organizations joining the Unity in Our Community ATL movement by bringing home-cooked meals, Wellcare, HIV testing by “Recovery Consultants of Atlanta, Inc.”, clothing, phone service provided by “SafeLink”, haircuts, job resources (Job Corp.), healthcare, personal identity resources (birth certificate, social security card, etc.), and prayer.This project takes place every 4th Sunday of the month. This organization has a global initiative as well. “We have provided food and clothes for South and North Carolina, Haiti as well as making front page on Haiti’s newspaper for our blessing!” Exclaimed LaQuana, who goes by the name LaPink while sporting a pink mohawk.

“The organizations involved are instrumental in providing the resources, supplies, and education to the homeless and those individuals in need. The organizations are the compilation of community outreach groups all working together to accomplish the goals set forth by “Unity in Our Community ATL.’”

LaQuana is planning upcoming future projects with “Unity in Our Community ATL” to expand and take the organization to new heights. The organization’s mission is to announce and manifest as a witness the good news of God’s plan of restoration.

“Unity in Our Community ATL” continues to collect donated items and embrace supporters (i.e. used

clothing, books, canned goods, and educators) daily. If you are interested in supporting this movement, contact LaQuana Alexander at 678-984- 9241 or by email at www.unityinourcommunityatl @gmail.com. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @UnityinOurCommunityATL.

“We are one force, with one goal destined to serve, empower, and educate!”

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