The 2017 BOLD Awards

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Founder and CEO Lynita Mitchell- Blackwell and President David Good


Each year we honor BOLD people who inspire us to live fearlessly at our Annual BOLD Awards. This year we were thrilled to recognize a slew of honorees and we have some amazing highlights to share with you! In a world where many times the unsung heroes go unnoticed at BOLD Favor it brings us joy to shed some light on these amazing people, organizations and causes who make our world go around.

Bold Contributor Timmesha Burgess and Lynita Mitchell- Blackwell


Congratulations Regina Sunshine




Congratulations Michael and Joi in the Morning show. Michael McFadden


Being honored with the 2017 Zenith of Intentional Design award, Lynita Mitchell- Blackwells “TB3” Tina Bridges, Timmesha Burgess and Tinzley Bradford


These ladies were honored for being key contributors to the success of Bold Favor Media Group. The interesting thing about these three is, they all came at different stages of the magazines growth and they all happen to have the same initials TB . Congratulations to these dynamic women of vision!


PR Manager Tinzley Bradford shows off her award!


It was a packed ceremony!

In this New Year one thing you must remember in life is ” The Future Favors the BOLD!” Be Bold this year!  Check out more honorees and photos below!

Happy New Year!


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