Interview With Khari Toure`

“I’m a Father, Writer, Producer, Author.… I’m basically just an average guy with an extraordinary gift to empower and encourage other people while remaining humble.”


Many would agree that Khari Toure` is far from average. He’s a talented man with a divine purpose. Not one for the limelight or to focus on fame, Khari uses his talents to empower and inspire curvy women who may have forgotten just how beautiful and valuable they really are! He’s the first poet and spoken word artist to lay the foundation of curvy body acceptance through his songs that administer praise to voluptuous women. “I am not content where I am. There’s always room for improvement and growth…always room for change.” Khari is definitely a force to be reckoned with!!!

Khari developed a love for poetry at a very young age. His grandmother introduced him to the works of Maya Angelou, Sonia Sanchez, and Langston Hughes that awakened his passion and created a stepping stone into the creative world of poetry and later spoken word. Khari wrote his first poem at the tender age of 5. The love relationship that developed with every connection of his pen to paper served as a means to distract him from his then circumstances of living in several foster and group homes. By the age of 10, after a failed attempt at singing in the youth choir, young Khari was encouraged by his grandmother to take a different route to performing; and began reciting poems at church. After reciting his first poem, he left the congregation in awe and received a standing ovation leaving them intrigued and longing to see his performances every Sunday thereafter. He would later begin performing at open mic nights and poetry slams around his hometown of Oakland, California, becoming known for his “socially conscious pieces, love & erotic poems and songs praising plus size women.”

Where everyone has their preference of women they like, believe it or not, a lot of men love curvy and confident women. Some freely let it be known, while others hide their true admiration in fear of being judged by society. However, this was never an issue with Khari. 


“I’ve always been attracted to curvy women. My grandmother on my father’s side was the prototype of a real woman for me. My grandmother was a very curvy woman who was confident and strong. She was financially stable, married and held her own…the attributes I look for in a woman. Nothing can hold a woman back who is strong…physically and spiritually confident.”

He would later come to understand that not all women were confident and often fought with feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. He began using his poetry and spoken word to encourage curvy women to understand that “Size doesn’t determine their beauty. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL.” In his quest to inspire women to love and embrace their beauty, he wrote Curvy and Confident: Inspiring Women to Love Themselves, an empowerment guide for women written from a man’s perspective…the first of its kind. “I want to show that curvy women can be beautiful and fully clothed. Full figured women can be classy, sophisticated, sexy and confident. You have to love yourself first!!! If you really and truly love yourself, you will stop any detrimental behavior that blocks the ability to make any changes you may wish to make within yourself.”

Last year, Khari added another creation to his literary collection, Beautiful Just The Weight You Are, a book of poetry and affirmations to empower women who have been bullied and body-shamed because of their weight. Again, an opportunity to defuse the misconception that being a thick, curvy, voluptuous woman is anything less that beautiful and amazing!!! He is currently in the studio completing his latest album, also with the same title and will be producing four videos for this album upon its completion.

His passion for empowering isn’t limited to just women of substance. After one of his daughters had an unfortunate experience with bullying at her elementary school, the incident prompted him to pen an anti-bullying song appropriately titled, Love Yourself; dedicated to teaching children the importance of loving yourself as well as others. He also produced a video for the song and made it into a project that his daughters participated in that instantly went viral!!! A children’s album is in the works as well, which will be accompanied by a couple of videos produced by Khari himself.

Before his grandfather passed, Khari shared some of his works with him. With nothing but deep admiration, his grandfather told him “You have a gift, make sure you use your gift to change the world”. And that’s exactly what he’s doing…. 


“My legacy is to encourage and empower women, men, and children. I want to change lives one poem at a time…using my talents to make the world a better place.”

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