Passed Around By Man, but Never Ever Passed Over By God Chontate Browns Story

Chontate Brown is a woman who once was “Passed Around By Man But Not Passed Over By God.” She is an author, speaker and life coach. This woman that you are reading about is a beautiful God fearing mother of six lovely children and a “MiMi” of three grandchildren. She wanted to use this personal story as a way to spread her journey and let those who may be going through similar struggles know, things will get better for them.


“I am a woman of faith and a child of the most high God. A woman who loves herself, from the hairs on top of my head, all the way down to my toenails. I am blessed! And it’s not because I say so but because I know that I am all these things, plus God said so in His Word.” 


But this hasn’t always been the case for Chontate, she explains. “There was a time when I didn’t feel beautiful. I was a woman who didn’t know God or His Word. I was always a woman with faith, I just didn’t know what faith was. I took it as you are not going to tell me what I can’t do. If I said I was going to do something, I was doing it and nobody was going to stop me.”


She goes on to share, “You see I am a native from the hood of the south side of Chicago, IL. I was originally born on the west side, given birth by a strong loving mother, Vivian Brown who raised my two brothers and I the best way a single mother could. I can still remember my life as young as two-years old and how my perfect life of champagne living off Kool-Aid money changed instantly overnight.”


“At the age of seven, my mother fell into a deep depression and suffered a mental breakdown due to life circumstances that she could no longer control, which led her to be admitted into a mental ward facility. This marked the beginning of a downward spiral that tossed my brothers and me into the hands of the Department of Children and Family Services of Illinois, which caused us to endure physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse.”


“I went from being a black princess from the west side of Chicago, who use to play on my youth white grand piano; busting a hole in my brother’s bass drum of his drum set because I was trying to get my Sheila E on; singing and dancing in our living room to the songs of my mother’s favorite group, Earth, Wind and Fire; having a tea party with my dolls with my porcelain tea set to now being introduced into a world as a child surrounded by poverty on the south side of Chicago, where I was challenged by adults, and bullied by children. Not only did I grew up as a fatherless woman, but I also became a woman who was broken, suffering from emotional hunger and indulging in the streets of destruction.”


By the age of 27, she had given birth to four children, survived a domestic violence relationship and was continually allowing herself to be in toxic relationship that was doing her no good. She eventually became emotionally numbed. “I was not saved or attending church.”


“Before I knew God, I knew noon. Now, I knew to have enough sense to get up and go to school to earn a license as a practical nurse to provide for my family but I also knew how to weigh illegal drugs on a scale, bag it, and have them prepared to be distributed. Back then, I loved the idea of being a drug dealer’s girlfriend. Ms. Chady was my name and I did some shady things. Now I believed that God and Jesus Christ existed, I just didn’t know them. But, if I didn’t know anything else, I did know these two things: 1) I didn’t want to die and 2) I didn’t want to go to hell. But, if you are truly paying attention to my story, you would already know that I was already dying (spiritually) and on my way to hell!”


“It took me to do 7 days in jail standing in front of a judge with the possibility of facing more time in order for me to make the ultimate decision to get it right with God. I pleaded with God, if He set me free, I would let go of this toxic lifestyle. He did just that! I decided to leave the streets of Chicago for the sake of my family and my sanity.”


“I moved to Georgia where I became an enlightened Christian woman and I learned to build a loving relationship with the almighty God, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and of course myself. I am no longer a woman who once was filled with anger, past hurts, low self-esteem, un-forgiveness, seeking love in all the wrong places, and blaming God for allowing all of these bad things to happen in my life. I am now a woman who has been forgiven by God for all my sins.”


Today, Chontate is a bestselling author of her first published book released in July 2016, titled “Passed Around By Man, But Not Passed Over By God” My Untold Story. It’s a memoir where she expressed intimate heartfelt details of her mother’s absence after her mom’s mental breakdown, including a rocky adulthood spent buried in difficult responsibilities, pain, and even prison. She specializes in helping women and teen girls to experience self-love, joy and happiness. Chontate also helps them tap into their inner peace and teaches them how to overcome life’s challenges.


Chontate says, “I thank God for using me to transform my life testimony into inspiration, hope, encouragement and healing for others. God was able to take everything that I considered bad, shameful and traumatic in my life and use it for His glory and for my benefit. Yes, I was once a woman Passed Around By Man, But never ever Passed Over By God.”


We thank Chontate for her transparency and for sharing her inspirational journey with us. If you want to connect with her, check out her handles below.

Instagram: @chontatebinspires

FaceBook: Chontate Brown

Twitter: @ChontateInspire




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