2016 Mrs. Florida Plus America

by Brianna D. Screen

We as women are known to adorn many hats and Genevieve Harris is definitely no exception to the rule: Wife, Daughter, Sister, Dancer, Coordinator, Producer, Mentor…the list goes on and on. However, last April she elevated her style from sporting hats to a crown that was accompanied with the title…2016 Mrs. Florida Plus USA!!!


Genevieve strives to impact the lives of many. She’s motivated to making real change in the world. Her compassion to see others succeed keeps her driven to do whatever it takes to encourage and motivate them to never give up. “I want people to know that whatever vision God gave you, He has equipped you with the capability to make that vision a reality.”


As her former high school classmates prepared to attend their 10-year class reunion last year, Genevieve opted to forgo attending due to the unpleasant memories she knew would resurface during the reunion. A mere four days before graduation, her best friend and fellow classmate Jeffrey was killed while attending a graduation party. While her classmates were preparing for their rights of passage into the next phase of life, Genevieve spent her days filled with sorrow and tears while facing media as the spokesperson on behalf of her best friend’s grieving family and their high school. It was, for this reason, she decided to do something fun instead of attending the reunion…she competed in the Miss Plus America Pageant and was crowned the 2016 Mrs. Florida Plus USA!!!


Participating in the pageant took her back to the time she competed in her high school pageant when she was told by its coordinator that she was “not the right size” to compete in the swim suite category. “It crushed me to know that I could be qualified but still not be chosen merely because of the way I looked. 10 years later, I am proud to shine in the community and glad to be part of a system that allows us to be influential individuals while embracing our God-given curves.”


“To my Plus Size Sister Queens, the only limits that exist are the ones you created for yourself. If you have made those limits based on the opinions of others, you must address or test those limitations. Once you do that you will realize those limitations don’t exist.”


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