The Goal-“Be BOLD”

Becoming a member of the BOLD Favor Magazine Media Group simply was an HONOR TO ME. The title of the magazine alone “BOLD FAVOR” said it all. It just spoke volumes and being birth out of the “Leading Through Living Community….well yes truly said it all. This was certainly a team I wanted to be a part of. Under the dynamic leadership of its founder, Lynita Mitchell Blackwell; she was walking the talk of the magazine. Bold Favor Magazine and Media Group is the Incubator for people in and around the community wanting to leave their mark. A magazine fostering leadership through living. A magazine fostering connecting with like-minded people who share your interests. A magazine with motivating and inspiring content. Bold Favor Magazine Media Group serves its purpose. A magazine helping others with its content to fill their vision. Nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit. Encouraging others to own their roles. The Goal “Be Bold” “Fearless” together fulfilling YOUR PURPOSE.

Jackie Madison
Certified NESTA
Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist

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