A Golden Link

“Being a part of the BOLD Favor media group family was nothing short of a series of events that lead to this golden link in the chain of overall good!”Timmesha-The Gypsy Empress

I remember covering the 1st Annual BOLD favor award ceremony when I was a radio host for a mid-sized online radio show. I thought to myself after covering that event, “I’ve never seen so many women look so gorgeous in gowns, of all nationalities, talent & skill honor each other like this”. Well, that energy must’ve radiated out because after my write-up was posted about the ceremony; Owner Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell contacted me via Facebook saying she loved the write-up and wanted to speak with me about being a part of the Bold Favor team. At first, I thought it was a joke or too good to be true; but the conversation went forth, and within 48hrs we were signing agreements to work together, and the train has been gaining momentum ever since.

I never knew that being a part of BOLD Favor media would award me so many opportunities to just be myself. BOLD favor has allowed me to be in a space to create from my most authentic self, to be vulnerable, strong, purposeful, and most importantly fearlessly BOLD!

The desire to see more women create themselves and live freely in their expression has been the driving force behind joining BOLD Favor media. It provides a platform to speak out on all subjects of News & Politics, Culture, Travel, Business, and Leadership. Being a part of BOLD Favor media has been therapeutic for me sort of speak, as it allowed me to be a part of the change I want to see happen.

As a Women’s Global Goodwill Ambassador, owner of a Developmental Disabilities Healthcare Association, and a Woman in Media; I recognized the influential role the media plays in driving women’s empowerment and gender equality, so making the decision to join BOLD was simply a solution to a problem.

BOLD Favor magazine, BOLD Favor media group, & the Leading Through Living Community has truly been the wind beneath my wings; and a wind that will forever change our present and the course global of our future!

Peace & Light,

Timmesha-The Gypsy Empress

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