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BOLD Favor Media Group publishes leadership lifestyle magazines that highlight BOLD people, organizations, and causes that inspire us to live fearlessly in the areas of leadership, wellness, relationships, human dignity, style, and spirituality. We publish our namesake BOLD Favor, BOLD +PLUS, BOLD Ageless Beauty, BOLD Politics, and BOLD Wellness.

Founded 3/22/2014, as BOLD Favor Magazine, the organization has grown through its incredibly supportive international audience, dedicated and talented staff, and outstanding advertising partners to become BOLD Favor Media Group (BFMG).  BFMG is a subsidiary of the Leading Through Living Community, LLC.

Our publications are available here on our website, may be purchased on Amazon in print and digitally through the Kindle Store; and beginning March 2017 will be available at these awesome retailers!

BOLD Favor is located in Douglasville, GA, USA (20 minutes west of Atlanta).

We have over 250,000 email subscribers and our top countries of engagement are the United States, India, Japan, the United Kingdom, Kenya, South Africa, and Canada.

We have 18K Instagram, 5K Twitter , and 3.3K Facebook Likes.*

*Information updated 4/30/17.

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