Art, Passion, Theater, and Overcoming Sheryl Hatwood Shares Her World

Article By Tinzley Bradford A.K.A (The Love Mama)

Bold Favor is all about highlighting Bold people, organizations, and causes that inspire us to live fearlessly and we are excited about this feature. Sheryl Hatwood is a Playwright and the Founder and President of Endless Voice Productions LLC. She has been strongly involved in the arts for over 30 years. She’s worked with MTV, SONY, BMG, Fox Films, Universal Studios and the list could go on and on. What I was most intrigued with is the fact that Sheryl is a pianist. I was once into pianos and even got as far as playing for a small church as a young child so I loveeeeee people who play piano! I was also very amazed at how Sheryl was able to bounce back after the devastation of being molested as a child and has taken her painful past and created a future like no other. Well let’s jump right into it, people we give to you Sheryl Hatwood!

BFM: When did you decide to turn your pain into your purpose?

SH: It evolved overtime, there wasn’t a particular moment. I realized overtime that I had nothing to be ashamed about. My silence gave power to the pain and to my past. My “voice” is displayed in via theater. I wanted to present my testimony as an experience.

BFM: How have relationships helped you build your business?

SH: Networking is part of relationship building. I made myself available for events, I supported other people and went to their events and started conversation. I will speak to anyone, demonstrate an interest in who they are, what they are about (not about myself) and the conversation evolves from there. This person knows that person in the industry, or they provide you with the contact information or reach out on your behalf. Conversations with other people keeps your mind creative. Siloed environments have never peaked my interest. The more collaborative the better. Remaining open to new associates created opportunities for speaking engagements as well as venue connections.

BFM: How did you get started?

SH: I stepped out in faith! I had a dear friend, KD and my husband who had to kinda of “push” actually shove me, because I was afraid I did not have all the resources I needed. I made excuses for about 3 months. The truth is, there never is a right time. You need ambitious people around to tell you to get up “you can”, when you think you cannot. I have a great network of friends, family and the most supportive husband.

Once I started, my friends, my church sisters, businesses, just came forward and said whatever you need, I am here. It made the process from script to stage seamless. I knew then, I was walking in my purpose!

BFM: When you are speaking, what do you share with audiences to inspire them to be courageous in seeking their own life purpose?

SH: My audiences are inspired by the realness of my story. When I speak to them I encourage them to speak to the voice they may have silenced in the past. When you speak about your pain or your experiences, shame loses its power. Be intentional with what you say and do. Be intentional with the persons you allow in your inner circle. Be intentional in showing gratitude. Live intentionally, and question your default positions in everything. There is always an opportunity to learn or things differently.

BFM: What is your project selection process? What are your “must haves” and “no no’s” when selecting engagements?

SH: I think my must haves are pretty simple. For actors, singers, musicians, production staff, remain teachable. This characteristic sums up the must haves and also removes the “no no”

BFM: How do you keep your skills fresh? Do you attend training’s or work with mentors in the industry?

SH: I attend a writing class every Tuesday evening to enhance my writing skills. I have friends who write and critique my work. I have family who are brutally honest. I do a lot of research the theatre industry, and key people within the industry. I have talked to some of those key people who have given me some of the best advice. I always ask questions and not afraid to say I do not know.

BFM: If you have the choice between speaking/training or writing – which would you choose?

SH: I would choose to write. I can formulate emotion so much better on paper than with words. My words formulate more quickly on paper than vocally.

BFM: Tell me more about your philanthropic work – how do you like to spend your volunteer time?

SH: I support 3 charities which are dear to me – a national organization and 2 local organization – homelessness and domestic abuse. My husband and I volunteer at local soup kitchens during holiday seasons and we also serve within my church. Community outreach is important to me it helps you remain in a constant state of gratitude.

BFM: When you must “travel light”, what are your must haves?

SH: My journal. My reading glasses (ugh), and toothbrush

BFM: What are your favorite settings/audiences when you speak?

SH: Up close and personal. I love intimate smaller settings, where the audience is able to ask me questions. It keeps me sharp because they ask questions I have never thought about. Gets me to a deeper thinking.

BFM: Who do you consider to be your mentors? What have they taught you?

SH: This sounds cliché, but my father! He is one of the wisest man I know. He is also my mentor. I worked for my dad while I was apprenticing to be an auto mechanic years ago. His perception, anticipation of what could go wrong and his meticulous work ethic is something I learned from. He has always said to me to place yourself around people who want what you want but do not want what you have – that’s what he taught me. As a result, my circle of friends is small, they are independent, meaning they don’t “need” me and trustworthy.

BFM: If you had it all to do over again, what would you do differently?

SH: Not a thing. If I didn’t have the moments in my past, right now would not be significant. My past, my good and bad decisions have brought me to a place as this!

BFM:What’s coming up next for you? What’s in the pipeline?

SH: A Woman’s Worth Awards happened on March 18 in Pelham NY. It is an award to honor women who have preserved through their challenges. It’s going to be an awesome event.

BFM: How and where can people reach you?

SH: My FB and IG page is Endless Voice Productions
My Twitter is EndlessVP
I always respond to messages on my FB page

If you’re influenced by the arts we think you should follow this amazing lady Sheryl Hatwood. Thank you for sharing a little bit about your world with our BOLD Family!

Article by Tinzley Bradford A.K.A. “The Love Mama

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