Being BOLD

By Lynda Dell

As BOLD Favor celebrates its four-year anniversary, I am still just as excited and honored to be part of such a talented, dedicated team as I was nearly two years ago when I was first introduced to what is now called the BOLD Favor Media Group.

Looking back, it must have been synergy that brought us together. Just as I was investigating new publications to write for, which share my values and philosophy, I received an email forwarded to me celebrating the one-year anniversary of BOLD Favor, a magazine which showcases BOLD people, ideas, and organizations. That day I sent a letter of introduction to the managing editor requesting to write feature stories for the magazine, which led to stories every month, my column, and proofing articles.

But what I love most about BOLD Favor is that Lynita Mitchell Blackwell, David M. Good, and now Brianna Lewis Screen, too, encourage writers to try out new ideas and approaches. For example, after I had written numerous feature stories, I pitched my column Women Living Their Dreams for a targeted audience on a trial basis.
Lynita said: “Go for it!” I was so excited about this project that after writing the first column, I conducted the interviews and drafted the next two, so I could present my complete vision to her. I knew that I would have to convince Lynita, the publisher, that this would open new markets in PA, NJ, and DE and expand the audience’s global reach.
She was amazed, “Lynda, I am very much looking forward to this series in every issue!” What I discovered next from my conversation with Lynita gave me the chills.
“By the way, the column that you are launching in December…,” she paused.
“Yes,” I said stringing together a million scenarios in my head, unsure of where the conversation was going.

“It made the front cover!”

My heart stopped; I could barely get the words out. After I hung up, I thrust my fist into the air and shouted, “Yes, it’s really happening!” I could scarcely breathe, and the momentum kept building all day long.

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