Why Bold: We Must be Bold & More-Words from the President, David Good

My life with Lynita and Bold Favor Media Group can be summed up as three lives in one. We met some years back when I was elected Chair of the local Democratic Party and she decided to serve on our team. She also had a friendship with my wife that would blossom into me editing one of her writing masterpieces and morphed into me co-writing a column called the Good List with my wife Myesha. We appeared on the cover of one of the magazines called Bold Politics and I became Editor~in~Chief in November of 2015. One day we were speaking and she discussed her health and where her concentration needed to be. I remember this as if it was yesterday:

Me: Well what do you Need?

Lynita: Well I can’t pay you.

Me: I never mentioned pay. What do you need me to do.

Lynita: Take it and run with it

Me: Lets talk about release dates and the contributors.


Two months later, we sold the cover to that issue of Bold Favor. We have been going and changing and building ever since

Why Bold

Lynita has a vision that lined up with my own that we want to show people a leadership lifestyle and to live their life and dreams boldly. At the Second year anniversary, I remember her resolve that this mission was God ordained and I knew to be Bold you have to be with people who challenges God and puts a bold foot forward. As we grew, I took on more responsibility and relinquished others. I became President of what is now Bold Favor Media Group and promoted the visionary from Miami, Brianna Screen, to Editor~in~Chief. Being Bold means, you see other’s gifts, life Tinzley Bradford, who has a love of being Bold and is responsible for how we look Public Relations wise, as well as doing our media. She did an awesome job on the Red Carpet for a number of events.  This is why Bold…. because to show Bold….. you have to have bold people working in the media Group like Briana Marshall who has taken our social Media presence from where it was to being dynamic and everywhere.

Must Be Bold

Being Bold means that we learn from our past and make sure that our writers, contributors, advertisers, sponsors, editors and leadership know that we support their visions, as long as it lines up with the overall vision that God gave to Lynita. We have had our arguments like a married couple but we respect each other enough to make sure what we do likes up with that vision. We try something and if it does good, we keep going and if it fails, we work at it and see if its something that reflects what this Media group is about. That is when we recognized that we cant do everything and that more structure needed to be in line and that is when we added a full team to Bold Plus and have it on par with Ageless Beauty, and one day with the flagship magazine, Bold Favor.


Bold Favor is more than a Magazine, it is not only a full fledge Media Group that influences radio, tv and all forms of media but we are a vision full of visionaries. We also support each other and those who have worked with us in the past. Rather if it’s our Plus Editor~in~Chief, Regina Robinson’s empowerment series or Tina Bridges’, Managing Editor of Ageless Beauty, Ageless Fashion Show. We are a family. The beautiful thing about us is that no idea is stupid and if it fits into the expanding vision then we will try it, like the Plus-size Calendar, Panel discussions, Adult Prom, Master Classes, Magazine training and more. We influence the world and can’t do that with in the box thinkers. So we take that Bold step out the box and test the world but always having God’s vision that we our the leadership lifestyle Media Group.

So Why be Bold, because we must Be that and more. #DMGoodlist

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