Building a Life of Success in Real Estate

By Odette Flemming


Creating success as a woman of color in a male dominated industry is not for the meek, which made it the ideal challenge for Shandron Pemberton. As the President of POSoluitons, Inc., one of the premier property management providers in Georgia,  she manages approximately 10,000 units throughout the state.

This Columbus, Georgia native actually received her degree in Communications and spent much of her formative career in television and radio, both on screen and behind the scenes.  Then Shandron moved into a marketing career for the non-profit sector where she worked with organizations specializing in everything from cancer research to mental healthcare. She credits this early career path with giving her the skills she ultimately needed to develop her influence in real estate.  Her magnetic personality and and clear communication style helps clients truly understand her desired goal for each of the communities she serves. “I think it is essential for everyone to reside in an environment that embraces their lifestyle and promotes a spirit of unity. Our platform is to celebrate our differences and embrace our community diversities that make harmony a reality!”

 In 2004, while home on pregnancy bed rest, Shandron was introduced to the concept of property management and homeowner association development by a friend who was on an HOA board and sought her communications expertise with a specific issue.  This lead to her doing some research into the industry and not only did she discover that there was a quietly interconnected network of companies providing the majority of these services, but she also realized that there was no one in that space that “looked like me, so I saw an opportunity.”

 Pemberton spent the first few years observing her competitors and preparing herself for success by getting credentialed as a licensed real estate broker.  She did all of this while still working on her 9 to 5 job, until the increased demand from her 5 to 9 forced her to make a choice. “This was a time where we had heavy foreclosures during the real estate crisis and I started seeing a lot of these foreclosures coming across my desk because we were representing many of these communities.  It was around the time of the American Recovery Act and I saw another income stream with federal procurement regarding the property preservation and maintenance. On the contract side we began doing work with Freddie Mac and Housing and Urban Development working through some of these foreclosed properties that they now owned and to deal with. And we grew from there, with most of our growth happening in that 2008 to 2011 window.”

 “The market crash enabled us to develop our unique service proposition, which is a ‘worry free guarantee’ for the homeowner associations that we serve. Once you hire POSolutions you know that your community is being managed with the utmost care and attention to detail, from our non-automated approach to our transparent systems, to our client services department that deals directly with the members of the community.”  


As a deliberately moderate sized firm POSolutions looks to cultivate relationships with the communities they represent. “We don’t just hope to win contracts, we actually interview board members to see if their board dynamics and the way they operate will be a fit for us. Truthfully we look for synergy in terms of the way we operate to see if that community is even ready to be engaged at the level of support we provide.”

 Even while currently overseeing  $8 million in annual revenue, Shandron has opened the company up to yet another income stream; financial recovery. Mrs. Pemberton has helped set her company apart yet again by offering credit reporting of HOA assessments as a certified Fair Credit Reporting Agency, another advantage of cultivating a service delivery model that is innovative and always expanding.

 “Being designated as a Minority-owned and 100% Woman owned business has made doing business with us more attractive, and it has been a benefit for us, especially in the past three years. As we develop more local partnerships with different county agencies it benefits our HOAs as well.”

 Even as Shandron focuses on building and maximizing her business, she finds time to give back by serving as a Business Ministry leader at Destiny World Church, sitting on the board of the City of Douglasville’s Downtown Development Authority and  on the Urban Redevelopment Board, as well as advocating for youth in the foster care system.  

 However a profile of this wife and mother of two  would be incomplete without her answer to burning question: What is your idea of the perfect work-life balance, if you believe such a thing exists?

 This question incited a hearty laugh followed by, “ There is no such a thing that exists. I get this question so much and I feel like business ownership gives people a false sense of security.  In actuality you have to work way more, but equally you have the ability to say ‘when I am on, I am on, and when I am off I am off’; and you get to choose the parameters for flipping that off switch. Challenges in terms of balance comes with the territory, but for those that are called to be in leadership in this capacity, you have to be prepared for the challenge.  Whatever inspired you to go into the business, usually your family, is equally as important so you gotta do what you gotta do to work it out.”



Odette Flemming is mother, movement maker, and a change agent. Currently working to master the skill of currency trading, this ordained minister and spiritual life coach believes in unlimited living and unlimted giving.

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