CHROME Spotlight


by David Good


CHROME Spotlight

Justin Giboney, Attorney & Political Activists

From Campaign Manager to the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Justin Giboney, talks about the (&) Campaign and not putting politics above Christ.

Led to Service

I met Justin years ago when we both were working at Atlanta’s City Hall. We bonded over politics and the Word of God. We were sharing our stories about being in politics and not being able to have a voice when it came marrying being a follower of Christ and the doctrine of our political affiliations. We have kept in touch over the years and it came time to no longer sacrifice who we are in the word for who we are in the political world. I have heard this powerful man of God speak in political arenas and the pulpit and he allows the Lord to use him, so listen as he decreases and the Lord increases in him and combines the two for the overall community. To hear more, check out this YouTube video:

The (&) Campaign

What is the AND (&) Campaign? The AND Campaign is a coalition of biblical Christians determined to engage and disrupt America’s sociopolitical arena with the compassion and conviction of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. AND is a response to the fact that we’ve separated our faith from our politics and consequently, our political affiliation has become religious in nature. Believers are either unengaged or have placed too great a value on partisan ideologies and agendas. Sadly, America has also separated righteousness and justice as if they’re mutually exclusive. For example, people who support the poor don’t support the pro-life movement and people who support religious liberty don’t support criminal justice. But why?

What does the Word say

In Ephesians 4, Apostle Paul told the church of Ephesus that mature Christians are able to “speak the truth in love” in the midst of deceit and false teachings. We believe the Gospel is about love AND truth, compassion AND conviction, biblical values AND social justice. The AND campaign equips Christians to engage civically without making politicians are priests and partisan agendas our doctrine. We challenge believers to transcend partisanship and to be Christians in the public square rather than being primarily conservatives or liberals. The church must unify and present the world with a public witness that transcends partisanship and is more focused on the witness than winning.

Why Justin is a CHROME

Justin is the Co-Founder, along with Sho Baraka and Angel Maldonado and President of the AND (&) Campaign, which is a coalition of urban Christians who are determined to address the sociopolitical arena with the compassion and conviction of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Mr. Giboney has managed successful campaigns for elected officials in the state and referendums relating to the city’s transportation and water infrastructure. Dr. Martin Luther King encourage people to take care of the social problems by serving the citizens, Justin does that by serving on the Urban League of Greater Atlanta Board of Directors, participation in LEAD Atlanta, and the Georgia Bar Association’s Leadership Academy, among others.


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