The Good List: Africa-Continent not Country


The Good List: Africa-Continent not Country

By David & Myesha Good


It’s rare that our Good List is not a person, organization or issue, but this time, it’s a continent that expands further than we can comprehend. Africa, cradle of civilization, home to the longest river (the Nile), largest desert (the Sahara, larger than the united states) and one of the largest rainforests, not to mention it’s many natural & precious resources, people, religion, wildlife, museums and of course countries. It is the second largest continent in both land and people, only behind Asia in both. The population of the African continent is over 1.5 billion, within 55 countries +Somaliland. These facts are not disputable for those of us who live outside these countries and Island. One other distinction is that it is home to the one nation on the face of the Earth that has never had another country’s flag fly above it…. Ethiopia.

Then why do we have a problem calling it a continent, better yet naming the country we are speaking of? Is it because a vast number of people are ignorant or uneducated? Or not well versed in names and regions? Or is it that we don’t care and just name countries one name and be off? Or is it… that’s how we are programmed?

Let’s let that one hang.

November of 2015, we had the opportunity to travel to Africa’s southernmost country, South Africa and this question was put to the test and answered not too long after settling into our hotel room in Sandton, outside of Johannesburg. After 15 hours flying over the Atlantic, another hour of exchanging money and another getting to and settling into my hotel, we were ready for our “African” experience. Everything we were told about the people, culture and land was wrong; there was a mixture of people of diverse backgrounds and ethnicity. We ran into people who were Zulu’s and Bantu’s, people from every country you could think of, from as faraway as Oslo, Norway, Tokyo, Japan and as close as Lesotho. The people who call this place home see it as an oasis that has the beauty of the Cape, beautiful beaches along the Indian Ocean and mountain’s, along with the natural wildlife towards the North and North central of the country. I plan to go back and visit other countries like Zimbabwe that has the Falls of Lake Victoria, the Great Zimbabwe, and other wonders. Please visit and when you go, don’t say I just went to Africa, call out those nations like Ghana, Ethiopia, Sudan and for me, the Middle East is part of continental Africa, from Egypt to the Arabian Peninsula. Know the history of the world and the cradle of civilization along the Nile into the Mediterranean…. Listen close and you will hear the songs of our Ancestors.

“… I bathed in the Euphrates when dawns were young.

I built my hut near the Congo and it lulled me to sleep

I looked upon the Nile and raised the Pyramids above it…”

*excerpt from The Negro Speaks of Rivers by Langston Hughes




David & Myesha Good are a political power couple in the Atlanta region. The Goods’ are leaders of several political & community organizations in their community. Their passions together are to inspire people to run for political office, give a voice to the voiceless, promote winning strategies in the community and fight for voting & civil rights. When it comes to political issues and community needs, they know whats Good.

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