James Worthy Is Giving Us the “Blus” Blu Sunsets Out Now

By Tinzley Bradford

Producer and Artist James Worthy is at it again! We’ve been keeping our eyes on this triple threat ever since he first appeared in one of our features a few years back and lets just say he does NOT disappoint he continues to soar. James Worthy is a creative, a visionary, an artist, a producer, an actor, & an innovative thinker. “One thing about me you will never see the same thing over & over.” Said James.  He has not only produced Billboard music for some of today’s hottest artist but he just released his first single as a solo artist called ” Blu Sunsets.” I had the honor of hearing the song and not only can he sang, but he is also a lyricist. This love song sound’s like it was written just for me, he talks about his person of interest being sweet like strawberries and how he wants to get with her, definitely my kinda talk! Now this got me to wondering. Is the Billboard Producer booed up now and singing about his new bae? You know I had to ask right? Don’t worry ladies, James is single but not opposed to dating ooohhh Sha na na! He also says his song was inspired by a crush… hmmmmm who is this mystery woman?  He talks about how he is addicted and the words he uses are mesmerizing. I was definitely feeling some type of way! Ha Ha Ha! So we wanted to know a little bit more about his solo single and when asked what inspired this song James said,


JW: “Blu Sunsets was inspired by love & life. I’ve been through a lot of ups & downs in life and relationships so this song embodies the feeling of relaxation & a sense of freedom with the person your’re with but also telling them you want to be with them as well. When you see a sunset all the negative energy goes away to enjoy the moment.”


BFM: So how long have you been singing? We have only known you as a hit producer.


JW: I’ve been a new artist for about a year 1/2. I was in a group in 2017 called “Kings X2” in which our first single debuted at #10 on Billboard. Now I am a solo artist in which “Blu Sunsets” is my debut solo single.


BFM: What are you hoping to people will receive from your single “Blu Sunsets?” There are more than likely tons and tons of women who only wish this song was about them.


JW: I never have expectations going into anything whether it’s my own music or records I’ve produced or written. I let the fans decide how they feel but I am blessed & overwhelmed by the amount love and response the record is getting this far. It’s been amazing. It’s strictly for the R&B lovers.


BFM: Is there a video out? We have to see King James in a sexy love scene!


JW: The official music video will be out soon so stay tuned for that!


Visit You Tube James Worthy Blu Sunsets  Official Audio. Also available on Sound Cloud, Itunes and Spotify.

Follow James Worthy on Instagram at kingjamesworthy  James A Worthy on facebook.





Article by Tinzley Bradford



*******Photo Credits: E&C @eliotxavier*******


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