My Journal: The Warfare of My Affliction (Feature & Book Review)

By Brianna D. Screen


There was always this beautiful familiar face at the events my aunt hosted at her house.

She always had the sweetest disposition and a smile that brightened up any room she graced with her presence. I had the joy to officially meet Barbara Calixte at my grandmother’s birthday party that was held at my parents’ house back in 2013. As usually she was asked to prepare the main dish for the festivities. Oh by the way, did I fail to mention that Barbara could throw down in the kitchen??? It comes to no surprise that Barbara is a Chef and Owner of Tasebudz Catering who not only service intimate parties, weddings, and corporate events, but she also provides healthy meals for private schools and day care centers throughout South Florida. Talk  about a woman making BOLD moves!!!


Barbara is a 33 years old mother of two of Haitian descent who makes it no secret that she loves the Lord.  Even though she stumbled into the wonderful world of culinary arts, it has actually become a passion of hers that she dedicates to blessing others. After a life changing experience, Barbara has added yet another title to her name…Author!!!


A trip to the emergency room after experiencing several attacks where her heart was beating anywhere from 260 to 280 beats a minute, served a curveball that will change the course of Barbara’s life instantly. She would be later diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson White Syndrome (WPW), which meant Barbara had an extra electrical pathway in her heart that caused a rapid heartbeat. 4 out of 100,000 people are diagnosed with this syndrome. What made Barbara’s condition even more unique was the fact that she also had Atrial Fibrillation (A-fib) which is an irregular, often rapid heart rate that commonly causes poor blood flow. At age 30, Barbara was faced with the possibility of dying and was in need of surgery. As if all this wasn’t scary enough, she was told finding the area in her heart that needed tending to was like finding a needle in a haystack. She endured 6 to 7 weeks of testing while not being able to take any medication for her condition. Medicine for WPW could cause issues with the A-fib; while medicine for the A-fib could cause problems with the WPW…while stress of any kind could cause a stroke or even a heart attack that could possibly kill her.


Barbara’s journey to survivorship didn’t come without some bumps and bruises…pains and a test of faith. It was during this journey she was advised by one of spiritual parents to begin journaling. Journaling, reading and studying the Word along with prayer and a whole lot of faith was instrumental to Barbara’s healing. My Journal: The Warfare of My Affliction is the motivational gift that came from her experience. She shares her experiences and beliefs that keeps her anchored in her relationship with God in this journal and provides space for readers to write down their thoughts as well.  

“God is real!!! He promised in His Word He is a Healer. Know that He is real!!! While I was sick I still went to church, still went to work, still kept going…never stop, stopping means you don’t believe…cannot stop at just salvation.”


She’s kicking off her City-to-City/State-to-State book tours for My Journal: The Warfare of My Affliction this month along with pop-ups in the Tri-County Area. Get your hard copy at Barnes & Noble or your Kindle version from Amazon.


If you’re in South Florida and in need of an amazing catering company…do not hesitate to contact Barbara at Tasebudz Catering at 305-766-9561 or via email at


Instagram: @Tasebudz

Facebook: @Barbara Calixte


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