A King Who Understands the Queen’s Kingdom

The best motivator in life is personal experience, and BD McNeal has plenty of motivation to empower women. A devoted husband of 23 years, loving father to three children, and faithful son; BD has seen firsthand the importance of self-confident women.

“The Queens’ Kingdom” started with an idea: when women demand excellence and exceptional care in relationships, men will hold themselves to the same levels of excellence and exceptionalism. BD shared the idea with his wife Tanya, and later a small circle of friends, and they encouraged him to write these things down. BD procrastinated; a busy life that included ministry leadership with his wife, team sports with the kids, and increased responsibilities with his Corporate job left very little time to write. But as it happens in life, a path was cleared in 2017. BD’s youngest child, his daughter, suffered a sports-related injury (thankfully, she recovered!) and team sports travel came to an end. So BD buckled down and wrote.

Although not knowing exactly what to expect, BD anticipated some level of explanation would be needed for people to “get” the message. Born and raised by God loving and hard working parents, some might believe BD’s ideas are pretty “old school”. “But readers got it how I saw it, and [the match lit] quick!” BD and Tanya hosted reading parties, during which BD shared portions of the book and led discussions on the themes. Word began to spread, and Team McNeal was in high demand to host more book discussion parties. So now it was time to present the book to the world.

What is the Kingdom?

From the discussion parties came a movement to share the message: Women’s Womb Empowerment. This movement equips women with the mindset and confidence to take control of their lives through the kingdom. The idea is that the world was birthed from woman, therefore her womb is the kingdom, and only those worthy should be allowed entrance. “We need to take sex back to being holy. It’s hard to fall out of love with a beautiful spirit.”

“The enemy is relentless.”

But for that to happen, women must love themselves. That’s the first of 14 “rules of the road” in “The Queens’ Kingdom”. The book is an incredible road map to strong loving relationships, with men and other sister-friends. Holding one another accountable and being supportive while resisting the enemy’s attempts to lure one into devastating situations is an overarching theme. Tanya’s favorite “Don’t get involved with men who don’t believe in God” is tantamount to this.

Tanya was BD’s first audience, and he is candid in saying that if not for her, “The Queens’ Kingdom” would not have come to fruition. “I was able to minister to her. And during that process I changed. The more I changed, the more on board she became. It’s been an amazing journey.”

“Women need to see themselves as God sees them: extraordinary.”

So what’s next for BD? More Womb Empowerment parties, speaking engagements and hopefully another book? All of the above! He’d love the opportunity to speak with any group, large or small, about how important women are in the grand work of God. “Once women understand where they fit in the ultimate Kingdom, it’ll blow their minds!”

Follow BD online at www.BDMcNealom and Facebook under BD McNeal.

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