How to Live a Settlefree Life from the Love Mama!

That’s it! I’ve had it! No more Miss Nice Girl! Yesss You can be a little fiesty if you want to when you finally choose to live a settlefree life! So What does it feel like to live a settlefree life many have asked? It feels really really good! You see , you are no longer attached to the things or people who once brought your spirit down. I have had people ask me about the settlefree life from time to time and in today’s love mama column, I’m sharing some of the biggest tips that I live by that keeps me living settlefree. You see, I know how to no longer allow bad behavior in my life because you know what, I don’t have to! There is something very wrong with just settling for any and everything that comes your way! You seem to feel restricted from reaching your greater purpose when you choose to settle. The fights The negative energy, the inconsistency in their actions causing you to question your value. Will you STOP ALLOWING IT??  Take a look at the 8 tips I swear by that have allowed me to live a fun, vibrant life living my dreams, pursuing my visions, feeling good about myself, NOT being okay with just okay and knowing when to end toxic relationships or connections. Take Notes…..You’ll Need This!


Tip #1. Stop giving to people who don’t give back!  


You will drive yourself insane doing for everyone else and it not being reciprocated! Making sure you’re a good fit for them, but not making sure they’re a good fit for you! Stop it I say!! The Bible says be a cheerful giver, and the Bible also says Don’t Be a Fool!


Tip #2. Stop trying to figure shady people out!
You see, when people are sometimey, then it’s really quite simple….They don’t belong in your life! Stop asking why she acting like that? Or why he did me like that?  It don’t matter, what matters is how they made you feel! When you’re about to take off, you can’t have dead cargo taking up space in your plane weighing you down! Let them remove themselves! NEXT!! 
Tip #3. Stop holding on to foolish distractions! 
This is crucial to your success! It’s what I did! You have to free your mind from any and ALL distractions in order to hear what God is guiding you to do!! Don’t settle for a clutter brain, set yourself free and live a fun filled life of joy and peace! Hint: Pettiness is a distraction! 
Tip #4. Be BOLD! Stay where they celebrate you not where they just tolerate you!
 As you continue to evolve, stay closely around those who want to see you take flight and do it TOGETHER!! You can’t be around those who get envious because your time has come faster than theirs. You need cheerleaders who celebrate when you are winning in life!!
Tip #5. Date only the guy who wants to date you! 
Stop running behind guys who clearly don’t want to be bothered with you unless ofcoarse it’s convenient for them or when they want something from you! Read the writing on the wall. He’s not the one! 
Tip #6. If your money is always funny, work on it NOW!
You have got to get your money and credit worthiness together! You will forever be frustrated not being able to do simple stuff all because your money is never right! Fix it NOW!
Tip #7. Never ever beg for acceptance! 
Yes that’s right. You have to treat people like it’s all good when they are constantly finding flaws in your every move! Stop trying to be accepted at all cost, it’s not a good feeling at all. When I started being like “Oh Well, they don’t really like me” My life took a turn for the better! I swear not giving a shit about what people think is settlefree at it’s finest!
Tip #8. Work hard towards your greater purpose!
This couldn’t be more true. When you occupy your mind with positive self love and self help, you don’t have any room left for self hate or other peoples STUFF!
Living a settlefree life can be hard for those who live for what others think and who have allowed others to make them feel incompetent or not good enough but when you know who you are and you know you have a bigger reason to be here, trust me you will NOT settle for anything basic or traditional no you will demand to be loved the right way, treated the right way, respected for who you are, talked to with a gentle tone and you will be no-nonsense about the things you once allowed in your life that you know only dragged you down. It’s time to see things and people for who and what they really are and no longer just settle for their foolery! You Are MORE!!


Tinzley Brdford

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