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Lynita approached me about her grand idea to start a magazine issue that would cater to the plus size community…Bold Plus+. Being that I am a plus size woman who felt that it was due time for more recognition for plus size beauties all around the world…I encouraged her to make it a reality!!! I was then asked to write a story for the inaugural issue based on my personal experiences living as a plus size woman…now you know I couldn’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!!! That issue came out in July of 2015 and I’ve been along for the ride ever since!!!

Saying I have a passion for writing is truly an understatement!!! Joining the phenomenal BOLD Favor Media Group has been such a rewarding experience…becoming Editor-In-Chief has been a blessing!!! I mean really, who wouldn’t love working with beautiful and talented individuals with an overflow of talent? But then again, we are as strong as our beautiful and fierce leader Lynita…so we can’t help but be great!!!

I love how we are one big happy family!!! It goes beyond just writing articles and producing magazines…we pray for one another, encourage each other to be our very best, it’s by far one of the greatest support systems to be a part of!!! To sum it up…it’s an oasis of genuine love and support which is definitely needed in the world we’re living in today!!! I also love how everyone is so very passionate about their contribution to the magazine while providing quality articles and advertisement!!! We are a passion-driven group of people!!!

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Bold Favor!!! I would definitely love to see more men contributing writers join our team as well as representation from more states and even countries…International baby…yesssss indeed, along with an expanding print base for hardcopies. Move over Essence Festival…Because the BOLD FAVOR FESTIVAL will be a great addition to our ever expanding brand (hey, you got to speak it into existence). Pretty much the skies the limit and there’s endless possibilities when THE FUTURE FAVORS THE BOLD!!!

Brianna D. Screen,


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