Navigating A New World Order: Global Hope

Navigating A New World Order: Global Hope
by David M. Good

Navigating A New World Order, this year’s theme of the HOPE Global Forums annual meeting that brought together thousands of delegates from 45 countries to downtown Atlanta from March 26th to the 28. The forums focused on entrepreneurship, job creation and economic growth. As you walk in, you feel an air of belonging and professionalism. What I learned from day one was founder, chairman & CEO of Operation Hope, John Hope Bryant, and the invited speakers were about economic empowerment and making sure they gave the world the tools, but the world had to put in the work. The nearly 4000 delegates who are leaders and influencers in their industry, communities and/or nations, including team Bold, were challenged to generate “5 Big Ideas” that focused on a vision for a new global economy that integrated not just the middle class searching for global access and the well to do, but also brought in the poor and underserved. For me it was climatic particular because 2018 makes 50 years since Dr. King’s last few speeches were focused on integrating the working poor and underserved into the economy of America. His quote was used throughout the meeting: “Now our struggle is for genuine equality, which means economic equality. What does it profit a man to have a seat at the lunch counter if he cannot afford the cup of coffee?” In Dr. King’s last book before his assassination in Memphis, Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community, he had a vision that talked about job creation, access to a quality education and affordable housing (not government assisted housing). To this end, the global economy should benefit all and not just those who have it and always have access to it. Now is the time to push “Silver Rights” like previous generations pushed civil rights. Which is the rights to financial literacy, access to capitol, educate the next generation on credit & ownership and equity to the underserved.

This was not an event where you showed up listened and clapped, no…. this was putting in work. The opening reception was moderated by the talented Roland Martin featuring an intergenerational conversation with Bryant, Ambassador Andrew Young & Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. It was very engaging and focused on bridging the generational gap where all can talk about issues facing the combined community like respect, silver, civil rand basic human rights. During the reception, Randal Quarles, who sits on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System ( as Vice Chairman for Supervision, told the capacity crowd how they are looking to revise and update the Community Reinvestment Act Regulations by making it more transparent. These reforms, if implemented, would promote financial inclusion and boast small businesses lending.

One of the forums I participated in, actually my favorite, was Igniting Small Business: Can the Entrepreneur Jumpstart the Economy? We listened to the panelist who were all experts in business in all sectors and each table (20+ each) came up with ideas to jumpstart the economy based upon practices discussed and all these ideas were put on a board to be used to help jumpstart the economy. For the media, there was a special panel brought together of leaders in the Atlanta area to talk about what is going on in the Atlanta economy that is causing the poor not to be able to capitalize. John Hope Bryant stated something profound…. Atlanta is not only the City too busy to hate but it’s too busy to care… and that must change. He gave it to us raw and for the global economy to truly be global…. we must care what happens to our fellow man. On the last night of the forum, hip-hop artist and Atlanta native, T.I., Tip Harris talked about the 90’s and these black music moguls like Master P was making millions off his own music and giving opportunities to thousands of people in his community. Then all of a sudden, it became easier for the community to get music by having free or cheap downloads and now making millions off your own talent is almost impossible. He said we let it happen. Let’s get back to supporting the artist because supporting them is supporting a community and that I say is bold and along with caring for each other that will help bring about a stronger economy in local communities and have a New World Order focused on economic Growth, job creation and entrepreneurship.

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