Plus & Pregnant: Comfy with Baby Boo

We know what y’all’ve been up to this fall and winter, and those belly bumps are sure to tell it this spring!  So let’s talk about some ways you can get and stay comfy during your pregnancy as your sweet bundle of joy grows.

  1.  If you’re into yoga (and if you’re not – great time to start), then Cat/Cow pose is awesome.  Get on all fours and stretch your back.  Inhale while pulling your spine down toward the ground, and exhale while curving your back, arching it toward the sky.  This will relieve the pressure from your spine, allow baby boo to swing, and give your organs a bit of a rest.
  2. A night of romance for you and baby is great!  A nice warm bath with scented (non-paraffin) candles followed by a soothing body massage by bae is just the thing.  Distinctive Norahs Khan ( can hook you up with the candles and Faces by Liz ( has your back with the massage oils.  You and baby will be lulled to sleep in no time flat.
  3. Drink more (cold) water, and go to the restroom, even when you don’t have the urge.  Drinking cold water is refreshing and keeps your skin hydrated.  Using the restroom (yes, we know – you’re already running back and forth like 40 going 90!) gets you up and moving, exercising sore muscles and stretching your joints.
  4. Enjoy pillow mania.  Grab that coupon mailer from Bed Bath & Beyond and go pillow crazy!  Big, small, long, short, colorful – whatever tickles your fancy.  Arrange them all over your bed and snuggle in until you feel the huggie love.


You’ll be so comfy you won’t be able to wait to start work on bundle of joy #2!


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