My Reason for Getting Involved with Bold Favor

by Sandy Chernoff

In 2014, I published my book: 5 Secrets to Effective Communication and was told by my publisher that I had to tweet about it to get it noticed… they helped me set up a Twitter account and I began tweeting there about my book.
Lynita read those tweets and tweeted to me asking if I would write about my book for her magazine: Bold Favor. I thought, why not and proceeded to submit an article to her about the book. Apparently, the article was well received so she invited me to submit a few more articles.

In the end, she contacted me directly and invited me to become a regular contributor to this terrific magazine and even offered to pay me for my contributions……so I figured, why not!! I already blog regularly on three websites, so writing an article for the magazine every quarter is not a hardship for me. Anyway, I really enjoy reading the magazine when it comes out and always put the link to it on my LinkedIn profile, my Facebook page, in my Twitter feed, and on Google+ so that my followers can enjoy this terrific publication as much as do!

This has been a wonderful collaboration and I even recommended one of my friends to Lynita as I thought she might bring some valuable content to the publication and she is now a columnist, too.

The staff here are amazing, supportive, encouraging, and fun. We occasionally have online meetings of the crew and always have fun when we gather. And now we have an online community where we can keep in touch and share ideas.

I have greatly enjoyed my connection to this terrific, innovative, and informative magazine and hope to continue the relationship for many years to come.

I want to congratulate our wonderful leader, Lynita on this 4th Anniversary of her amazing publication. I hope we all make her as proud as she makes us! May you celebrate many more anniversaries and continued success!!!

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