By The Gypsy Empress

We were honored with the privilege of covering the 10th Annual Unsung Heroine & Unsung Hero Awards by SOCAF Inc. (Saving Our Children and Families Inc) organized by founder Dequanda Sanders, fostering the unity of women & men that dared to be BOLD in spite of the odds!

A plethora of successful girl power and… YES, guy power greatness gathered together under one roof to witness and to be recognized for their everyday heroic platforms. The event was held on April 7, 2018 at the beautiful Hyatt Hotel Villa Christina, right here in our home of Atlanta, GA.

The honorees included our very own BOLD Favor family and (my sister in my head) Tinzley Bradford aka The Love Mama, whom received the “Women’s Empowerment Award”, Dalia Racine (Running for District Attorney), Terrance Tucker (The T.U.C.K Project LLC), Sharmaine Brown (Jared’s Heart of Success, Inc), and Michael & Lorraine Forrester (Marriage & Family Counseling).
Upon my arrival I swished passed the revolving doors and made my way to the upper level conference rooms. As soon as I exited the elevators, I was pleasantly surprised to a vendor table offering completely hand-made jewelry from fashionable earrings to beaded bracelets. Needless to say; I was tempted to purchase the entire table but I had honorees to catch up with.
Shortly after fighting temptations and breezing past the vendor table I spotted The Love mama herself; after warm hugs and high-pitched screams of excitement, we made our way to the banquet hall. The room oozed elegance from the dimly lit lighting, and tables that were lined with all white linen cloths, crystal center pieces, and sparkling china plates (talk about luxury)! One by one honorees and attendees took their seats, and the call was made to get “IN-FOR-MATION” (in my Beyoncé voice). Each speaker graced the podium wearing their biggest smiles, and exuding their most brilliant hues of power, purpose, and human service.
Needless to say, the stories of these Heroines & Heroes were nothing short of fearlessness mixed with a bit of will to serve the greater good! The purpose of this coming together was in effort of recognizing and putting an end to the “Me too” era of child sex-trafficking, and sexual abuse Globally!
These honorees are true reflections of what Living Free, Settling free, and Living BOLD truly looks like. What a privilege to be a part of the change we shall see and purposeful magic we shall create from within that radiates out into the world!

Peace & Light,
The Gypsy Empress

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