Stop Holding Back! Express Yourself and Be Free “The Love Mama” Breaks It Down!

By Tinzley Bradford

  • Are you currently in a relationship with someone who doesn’t seem to care how you feel? 
  • Does he tell you he loves you but doesn’t show it then when you express your feelings, are you made to feel like YOU’RE the problem?
  • Does he get quiet and distant when you simply try to express your feelings?
  • Are you left feeling like you’re hanging on strings and you DON’T know where you stand in the relationship?

If you answered yes to these questions then you just might be a victim of  a “It’s my way or no way” type of man!” You just might be a victim of the kind of man who only wants to pick the bits and pieces of you he needs when it’s convenient for him but he could care less about your feelings or your need to express them to him. I don’t know about you but I MATTER! My feelings matter and so does yours! You have to know that and be okay with learning to express yourself.

Did you know that being in a relationship with someone you can’t talk to or express yourself to is like being a prisoner? You should NEVER be in a relationship with any one where you are unable to feel, and unable to express your feelings. A healthy relationship consists of two people coming together with a common interest and that is to love each other, to grow together, to share together and to be able to talk together. So what I’m about to say just might make somebody mad but ya know what, So WHAT!! It’s time to grow up and be a man in your relationship. If you have a Queen listen to her and stop driving her away with your inability to communicate or simply listen to what she has to say! Stop trying to use only the bits and pieces of her YOU want to be bothered with. When you tell a woman you love her and she says it back then it’s a wrap….. That’s nothing to play with these days!

And the questions of the day is ?????

****Why don’t you care how she feels when she’s telling you?****

****Why is she treated shady for wanting to express herself to you?****

Ladies let me tell you something, and this is important! There is nothing wrong with wanting to be loved and appreciated by the man you love or even the people you love like family and friends! It gets deeper!! There is nothing wrong with expressing your want for love! See we live in a world where many lack emotions of any kind. They are told not to show any emotions or they seem weak. They no longer know how to feel or care how the people they claim to love feel. Some men will even go as far as to say you are broken and need to learn how to love yourself first when you show an ounce of emotion of any kind I say blah blah blah go kick rocks to that!! In reality, you DO love yourself which is why you want a mate who knows how to love you the way you deserve.

See wanting to be loved isn’t about a bunch of sad, lonely, broken women who don’t love themselves as many try to make it appear, its about the TRUTH, FEELINGS, and EXPRESSION of those feelings! I can express myself and then go off and give a bomb speech or accept an award or go to work and make my coins, see where I’m heading? You can express and still be a kick ass, go getter type person living your best life! I’m starting to learn those who are condescending towards women who want true love and who don’t mind expressing that, are usually the ones who are in unhappy relationships…If you are dismissive of her feelings you will forever have a tough time really knowing what true love looks and feels like!

It’s time to stop letting those who don’t care about you have so much authority over your life. I’m no longer settling for unavailable, uncommitted men in my life! I’m living a Settlefree Life and so should you!!

If you want to learn how to stop settling and live the best life you deserve, contact the Love Mama at Follow her on Instagram @tinzleyb and on twitter @tinzleyb Order Your Copy of herr book ” The Settle Free Dating Method For Women, a No-Nonsense Advice Guide to Remind You That You Are More!” on Amazon


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