A Swift Kick in the Can’ts How to Use Peer-Mentoring ™ to Achieve your Goals By Elaina Zuker

If you want to increase your productivity, enhance your earning power, achieve your goals , and reach more overall success in your life( whether measured in money, expertise, or relationships) read on.

Peer-Mentoring is a system in which two people agree to support each other based on complementary skills and needs, and the partners create a “contract”. The purpose of this process is to create a productively paired “buddy” system, to help both of you achieve your individual goals.

I first discovered this idea of Peer-Mentoring when I met another woman consultant who had many of the skills, experiences, and contacts that I lacked; I had some of the resources and talents she needed. We formed a contract with each other, in which we made very clear statements of our separate goals, and then we made clear written commitments to support each other in achieving those goals.
We called it a “loving kick in the “can’ts”.

The idea is: you are better at A than your partner, who is better than you at B; you learn more of B, she/he learns more of A . I’ll show you ways to measure success as the Peer Mentor relationship develops, how to select the best person for the contract, how to set realistic goals, how to create an actual Peer-Mentor Contract and how best to communicate with your partner.

Wishing you much Success and Happy Peer-Mentoring!

(note to readers: If you are already using something like this model in
your life or work, I’d love to hear about it. You can email me your comments or questions at ez4u@ezinfluence.com)

Elaina Zuker has taught seminars to executives, gives speeches and writes books, including bestseller “7 Secrets of Influence”. Her new book, “A Swift Kick in the Can’ts – the New Peer Mentor Model for Success Now” is now available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle.

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