Talk About Endometriosis is a Movement


Endometriosis is an uncontrolled growth of uterine cells outside of the uterus. The condition can cause major health complications, and uses the same scoring system as cancer – stages 1 through 4. Founded by Bresay Defoor who is also a sufferer, the Talk About Endometriosis is a movement to increase awareness of the condition Endometriosis. Many times the only way to find relief is to have surgery, sometimes a hysterectomy might be the only option to find relief. 



Music entertainer and former member of the R&B Group Blaque brandi Endo has suffered with Endometriosis for a very long time and she wanted to provide some helpful feedback about this condition and what you can do. Check out her video below. 


Follow Bresay on Instagram at @bresayd4

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