Meet the People Who Put the FAVOR in BOLD!

Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell, Founder & CEO

David M. Good, Editor-in-Chief

Brianna Screen, BOLD Favor Editor

Tina Bridges, BOLD Ageless Beauty Editor

Lynda Dell, Associate Editor

Tinzley Bradford, Public Relations & Media Manager

Briana Marshall, Social Media Manager


Joshe Martin

Dawn Nelson

Ynette Keith


Ashauntae Porras

Toyin Fadina

Writers & Columnists

“The Love Mama” Tinzley Bradford

“Ask Bri” – Brianna D. Screen

Dr. Connie Franklin, Education Advocacy

Dorna Werdelin, Wellness & Spirituality

Sandy Chernoff, Professional Relationships

Faye A. Fields, Restaurant Reviews

Odette Fleming, Spirituality

Nissa K. Elliot, Restaurant Reviews

Timmesha Burgess AKA The Gypsy Empress, Entertainment & Fashion

Simone Jameson, Entertainment

Shavonda McCaleb, Advocacy & Community

Asia Wheaton, Wellness & Advocacy

Lynda Dell, Human Dignity

Shana Thornton, Human Dignity

Mona Shah Joshi, Wellness

Sonji Willingham, Business & Leadership

Antoinette Ortega, Entertainment

Sebe Dalieh, Spirituality

Mercedes Jackson, Entertainment

Ebony Hillsman, Advocacy & Politics

Elaina Zucker, Personal & Professional Development

Regina “Sunshine” Robinson, Inspiration & Motivation

BJ “The Prophet” Bowman, Inspiration & Motivation

Terrance Hutchinson, Health & Wellness

“Tiny’s Corner” Comedian Tiny

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