Travel to the Sacred Etowah Indian Burial Mounds

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Sacred Grounds: Etowah Indian Burial Mounds
An Inspiring, Spiritually Charged Day Trip from Atlanta
By Cathy H. Burroughs, World Travel, Luxury
Since I first moved to Atlanta more than 15 years ago I had been planning to visit one of Georgia’s little-known treasures: the Etowah Indian Burial Grounds. As it turns out the Etowah Indian Burial Grounds are in Cartersville just 45 minutes away from Atlanta.

We were thrilled to arrive at the impeccably serene and expansive 54-acre Etowah Burial Grounds, the social, political and religious center for several thousand Native Americans from 1000 AD to 1550 AD. Here we explored the detailed exhibits loaded with artifacts (beads, seashells, copper ear ornaments, feathers, hand carved stone effigies and more) that this ritual heavy culture used to adorn themselves with during ceremony. There’s a terrific and informative film but you must actually walk the trails, the wider than a football field plaza and banks of the Etowah River to experience the powerful and pure transformative energy that permeates these grounds. By all means make your way up the 100 or so stairs to the top of the 63-foot earthen knoll, likely used as a platform for the home of the priest-chief where the sacred energy and potent gusts nearly carried us away.

It’s hard to believe that only nine per cent of this exceptional archaeological site with its six earthen mounds, plaza and village site with borrow pits and defensive ditch has actually been excavated, and it is remarkably the most intact Mississippian Culture site in the entire Southeast. Towering over the community is another mound where nobility in elaborate costumes were buried with objects they would, no doubt, need in the afterlife.

The site makes for an exhilaratingly creative and spiritually inspiring daylong outing, with super modest entry fees. We brought along a picnic that we enjoyed at the Burial Grounds. It was too gusty for the picnic tables so we sat in the car – but super fun either way, and the entire outing made for an utterly beautiful day trip!

To find out more, please visit or call 1-800-864-7275 or 770-389-7275. The Etowah Burial Mounds historic site is located at 813 Indian Mound Road, Cartersville, GA 20120. There are special talks, presentations and nature walks daily and nighttime hayrides, storytelling and more.
Cathy H. Burroughs writes frequently about travel and theater for BOLD Favor Magazine and other publications. Her event and entertainment company, Psychic Solutions Entertainment, provides world class entertainers for private parties and corporate events. To learn more contact Cathy at, via cell/text: (404) 543-1080, office: (404) 292-2000, or check out

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