True Love Has No Size! By Tinzley Bradford (The Love Mama)

Why do some men try to be picky and judge plus size women when it comes to dating and relationships but half of them have pot bellies or neck fat? This is a PSA…If you have a jelly belly, you don’t get to talk down on ANY plus sized woman!
I’m here to share my stance on the BBW when it comes to dating and finding true love. I reached out to a few of my full figured Queens. I know a few who are in relationships and a few who are still single. I wanted to know more about their experiences in the dating world being a BBW, and what I gathered will shock you.
MEN ARE STILL JUDGING PLUS SIZED WOMEN and counting them OUT when it comes to making relationship decisions. Yes, I said this right. Some men think plus sized women aren’t “datable” or “sexy” enough!  Let me clear my throat!!!
Excuse me but YOU GOT A BEER BELLY  and your shirt is too tight! How are you going to tell a plus sized woman she is not datable or sexy enough when you can’t even see your feet when you look down? BYE Bubba!
Now back to my Plus size Queens. It hurt my feelings as one of them shared she’d gotten into what she felt was a serious relationship. There was intimacy and long talks on the phone, sleep overs at each others place and tons of dates but here’s the catch…. She revealed to me that after all of the times they spent together, she wanted more from him in the relationship. She expressed she’d like a commitment from him as she felt they were just playing house but not actually building a house. What he told her next made me want to just smack him upside the head! How low!!
He told her that she wasn’t really his “type” for a long term commitment because he typically doesn’t date fat women! “Yes he said “fat women!” He told her if she was about 100 pounds lighter he might consider because she has a pretty face and her sex was good!!
I WAS DEVASTATED! Are we still doing this to the plus sized women? She explained that this was the norm for her while dating. Men will always say she has a cute face and that’s it. So they many times wouldn’t pursue her any further.
The married friend said her man only chose her because she ended up pregnant. So he felt obligated!! That’s not love, is it? That’s settling!
BBW are foxes. We got more to love, we are thick, we are well rounded, Voluptuous. We know who we are and we know what we want, and what we don’t want or need is a man who doesn’t appreciate our sexy curves and thick thighs!
Queens stop second guessing your beauty because some man tried to downsize you. He either wants you or he doesn’t!  You are more than just a midnight snack or hunch! You don’t owe anyone your time, energy or sex if they are judging you based on your size! We see this way too much, not so attractive men having the audacity to demand a certain type of woman when he’s walking around looking like an escaped convict as if he has room to judge! I want you to know your worth, know you deserve better, and to no longer settle for a part time lover who only wants to be with you when you’re laying down! Guys when you become intimate with a woman, for us, many times we become more attached than you do. We receive, men release! My suggestion to you is if she’s too “heavy to make a commitment to her” then YOU’RE too heavy to get that cookie! Boy Bye NEXT!
There are some gorgeous Plus size women. Just look at the bombshells in these photos!
How bout that!!!
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