All White Blessed Tresses by Juanita Ramos

Not all heroes wear capes.

Hickman, Kentucky produced one of the littest hairstylists with the biggest heart.

Don’t underestimate the power of hair.

“Women shouldn’t have to choose between looking and feelinggood” said Katrina Marie, the visionary behind Blessed Tresses, a non-for- profit organization that helps women in transition look and feel amazing.

Katrina Marie helps women in transition. Whether you are lost in your natural hair journey or life has handed you lemons, Katrina has made lemonade for women overcoming domestic violence, unemployment, homelessness, and poverty.

“How you look makes a difference in how you feel” Katrina said as she described that defining moment of turning a client around in a chair and watching their face light up in amazement.“Everyone deserves their crown and seeing the expression on a woman’s face once they are turned in that chair is a crowning moment.”

Your outside appearance means nothing if you are broken inside. As women, we sharpen one another. Blessed Tresses is chicken noodle soup for the spirit, a blessed venture from a heart of gold.

Whether we are walking down the street or going on a job interview, the world sees outer appearances first. Women in transition are too often left feeling broken from their circumstance. Proper hair maintenance and a new do can make a woman feel well put together, inside and out.

Looking good can make you feel better and with Katrina Marie’s skills, she makes women feel like magic.

Katrina Marie is kicking down doors to spread her message of women’s empowerment. When she isn’t slaying hair, she can be found on the radio show “It’s T Marie Radio”, syndicated in 24 markets.

“I just want people to pour into each other so we can all be full” she said.

If you want to pour into Blessed Tresses so Katrina Marie can continue to bless others, please visit her site

Writer Juanita Ramos is the owner of Divorced Wife.Com a motivational speaker and an upcoming Author.
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